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2015-10-27 17:11:29 Уфология (НЛО)
A mythical planet Nibiru has been spotted in the skies over the US

A video of a mysterious balloon caught in the skies over Florida in the US has been gaining popularity on the web, the Daily Mail reports.

The video was posted on YouTube about a fortnight ago, and since then it has been viewed by about half a million users. The video was written by Melissa Huffman from Florida. She wrote that she had spotted a mysterious fireball in the clouds near the sun while she was walking along the causeway. Melissa also filmed the moon, proving that the earth's satellite was in a different part of the sky at the time.

The video sparked a heated discussion on the web. Some users, including the video's author, believe the mythical planet Nibiru, also referred to as Planet X, was captured in the footage. According to legend, Nibiru is an invisible planet that roams the solar system. Some scholars claim it was described in ancient Sumerian texts. Its symbol is a winged disk found in the mythology of many nations of the ancient East. It is on it that the highly evolved intelligent beings, which the Sumerians called the Annunaki, allegedly inhabit.

However, there is no scientific proof of Nibiru's existence, although astronomers have been looking for it for centuries. Other users speculate that the Florida resident may have captured an atmospheric phenomenon, known as a parhelion, or 'false sun. This is a type of halo, which looks like a bright iridescent spot at the level of the Sun. It is caused by the refraction of sunlight in ice crystals floating in the atmosphere.

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