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2015-11-10 10:13:48 Mars
NASA shows an image of a canyon on Mars

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) has captured an image of Ophir Canyon, located in Mariner Valley on Mars, named after the Biblical Golden Land. The image was captured on 10 August 2015 by the HiRISE (High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment) scientific instrument. This is reported on NASA's website.

The image shows sedimentary rocks and a landscape shaped by winds. Scientists say the formations intermediate the stage between the Earth's sand ripples and much larger dunes. The protruding rocks may be traces of intrusion.

The resulting image could help scientists study the history of Mars and the formation of its landscapes, in particular the Mariner Valley, the largest canyon in the solar system. Its length along Mars' equator is estimated at 4,500 km.

Orbital Martian spacecraft MRO was launched to Mars in 2005, and in 2006, it reached the Red Planet. In 2008, his main mission came to an end, but NASA has extended the probe. In addition to surveying the planet's surface, the spacecraft is involved in transmitting signals to Earth from Mars rovers.

Author: Lenta.ru

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