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2017-02-22 12:15:47 The Past
Pyramids in Antarctica: who built them and when

For many years now, people have been talking about certain pyramids located in Antarctica. These pyramids allegedly resemble Egyptian pyramids and, according to some researchers, are evidence of proto-civilisations. What can really be the ice outgrowths, dealt with correspondent of RT.

The first news about man-made pyramids in Antarctica appeared on the Internet in mid-June 2013. The main evidence was a slideshow of several photos and small explanatory texts. 

It was reported that the incredible discovery was made by eight researchers from universities in the US and Europe; their identities were not disclosed. The reason for the secrecy was that a scientific expedition was due to be sent to the pyramids to investigate the mysterious objects in detail. According to the latest news, repeating the information from two years ago, the expedition did not take place.

The video shows the logo of the Alien Disclosure Group (ADG), a group of scientists from the UK who are uncovering classified material about UFOs and extraterrestrial technology. The author of the scoop is one of the members of the community, Stephen Hannard. He has been caught out many times before with fake evidence of the existence of UFOs.

It turns out that the pyramids are two angles of the same mountain of Antarctica's highest ridge called Vinson. The massif is located in Antarctica. Hannard took photos from 2010 from the blog of mountaineers who were climbing near the unusual peak.

Anyone can view the mountain from above using Google Maps.

As well as the entire mountain range (the one in the red circle is the mountain).

The third photo with the pyramid by the shore is most likely a photomontage. The mountain is on an ice shelf, and it flows from the coast into the sea: any structure simply could not have survived on the edge of such an ice sheet.

What scientists are saying:
If it wasn't man-made, one wonders what causes such bizarre shapes to form. Geologist Yuri Kozlov and geomorphologist Konstantin Lovyagin commented to RT TV channel.

"Usually all the bizarre rock shapes are formed because they consist of different minerals of different densities. Accordingly, in the process of weathering, when natural factors (rain, snow, wind) destroy the rock, the less dense minerals work first, while the solid ones remain and take different interesting shapes, in which a person then tries to find something familiar," Kozlov explained to RT.

According to Lovyagin, "perhaps this is the most common result of the denudation process, that is, the remains have a natural shape, close to pyramidal. This is not a unique phenomenon, which can be found in different parts of the world. It is conditioned by mineralogical composition of the rocks. Different rocks get different shapes in the process of weathering. It may be a basalt or granite intrusion that retains such a shapely form because the weathering process slows down at low temperatures.

Indeed, pyramidal mountains can be found not only in the Antarctic but also in Italy, for instance. In Transcarpathia there are three mountains near the village of Shayan.

Author: Russia Today

Tegs:Антарктида пирамиды
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