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2021-10-31 14:33:36 Ufology
World leaders acknowledge existence of aliens

In the second half of October, NASA Director Bill Nelson made a sensational announcement in which he officially confirmed the possibility of the existence of aliens.

Earlier, the US military department also provided the public with a video of several unidentified flying objects flying over, and in June, US intelligence named UFOs as one of the threats to the country's national security. The question arises as to whether aliens really threaten earthlings. The answer can be found in speeches by world leaders and heads of the world's spiritual faiths.

Two years ago Lech Wałęsa, the former president of Poland, surprised the international community with an unusual message. During his speech in Krosno the politician unexpectedly stated that alien life exists and humanity should seriously fear the invasion of aliens. Moreover, the former Polish leader had not previously been noticed to be interested in ufology.

What is interesting is that Lech Wałęsa did not just mention the threat of invasion of aliens in the abstract, but rather described in detail types of intelligent space races and their influence on the human civilization.

According to the former Polish president, there are three types of intelligent beings in the near cosmos - short beings called 'grey humanoids' by ufologists,
...blond, straight-faced giants and reptiloids. However, humanity is on the lowest stage of development relative to its fellow beings.

Author: pravda

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