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2022-03-11 10:23:37 Weapons
Russia shows what a new submerged warship will look like

Russia has developed a new submersible of the Guardian family. It combines the advantages of a submarine and a surface warfare unit. The novelty will be offered to foreign customers.

The Rubin design bureau has developed a new version of the Guardian patrol ship.

The ship combines the advantages of a submarine and a surface ship. It will be approximately 72 metres long. Its normal displacement is about 1,300 tonnes. Such a large size enables the ship to offer a wide range of functions.

With a wave-piercing bow and sloping sides, she is designed to reduce pitching, increase stability as a weapons platform and reduce radar visibility. The hydroacoustic antenna will be placed in the bow bulb: this will improve the operation conditions.

The ship will be capable of speeds up to 21 knots (approx. 39 kilometres per hour). It will have a cruising range of up to four thousand miles at ten knots. If necessary, it can be increased.

The armament will include a small caliber automatic cannon, two launchers for guided missiles and four torpedo launchers of 324 millimeter caliber. With such an arsenal, the upgraded Sentinel is capable of dealing with a larger opponent than it is.

The ship will be equipped with two pressurised, multi-purpose hangars to accommodate dinghies and boarding party weapons, drones or other payloads.

The developers believe that the extensive facilities will appeal to overseas customers. In times of pandemic, many countries have to cut their defence budgets, and the Sentinel could come in handy.

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