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2022-07-11 09:42:54 Space
Censored documents disproving Big Bang hypothesis made public

Articles have been published which the censors of cosmology do not want anyone to read.

The first predicts what the new JWST telescope has discovered, a further refutation of the Big Bang hypothesis of an expanding Universe.

The second article shows, using recent data, how large-scale structures could not have formed in the time since the hypothetical Big Bang and how they actually formed from plasma filaments.

The third paper summarises the evidence against the Big Bang hypothesis, which is refuted by at least 16 independent data sets and supported by only one. It also shows how the universe without the Big Bang evolved into the one we observe today.

These papers were refused to be published even on the arXiv preprints website, which supposedly allows all researchers to publish without peer review.

Author: lppfusion

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