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2022-07-22 10:18:07 Robots
Promobot has created a new humanoid robot capable of displaying emotion

Promobot, a Russian manufacturer of autonomous service robots, has created a new humanoid companion robot, Robo-C.2. The main difference of the new model is the use of special three-layer silicone. The polymer replicates human skin features, such as micro-mimicry, wrinkles, eye incision, lip size and other features. This allows the widest range of emotions to be shown.

Robo-C.2 can speak and express emotions, gesticulate with moving arms, as well as have a male or female appearance. The robot can work as a consultant, administrator and promoter in any organisation. Robo-S draws attention to your business, increases service quality and customer loyalty as well as engagement rates.

"It is very important for the service robotics industry to have a realistic appearance. That's why our team puts a lot of emphasis on producing a skin that resembles a human as much as possible. Whoever is the first to make an indistinguishable robot from a human will capture a large part of the market," said Promobot founder and development director Oleg Kivokurtsev.

The updated Robo-C, like robots of the previous version, copies human emotions: it can move eyes, eyebrows, lips and other "muscles", as well as maintain a conversation and answer questions. The technology developed in Promobot, as well as its own patented design, makes it possible to reproduce over 600 variants of human micro-mimicry, imitating human emotions as realistically as possible.

Dynamic stabilization systems, servo drives and arm controllers will form the basis for the development of a humanoid robot's legs - the company has already begun to create them. Currently, 19 robots of the Robo-C model have been sold in Russia: they are working in MFC Moscow, MFC Perm, medical universities and museums. Together with Promobot V.4, the company has produced and delivered more than 700 service robots to customers in 43 countries.

Author: robogeek

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