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2022-09-22 09:48:01

LETI takes a step towards developing electronics based on new physical principles

В ЛЭТИ сделали шаг к разработке электроники на новых физических принципах

Researchers from SPbGETU LETI participated in a fundamental scientific review on the results and prospects for the next decade of magnonics, a relevant branch of physics today that can be used to create more energy-efficient and faster-performing types of computing devices.

The review is published in the scientific journal IEEE Transactions on Magnetics. Magnonics studies the properties of spin waves and their quanta "magnons", which exist in magnetic materials and can be used as information carriers, that is, as an alternative to the already well-known electrons and photons.

More recently, scientists have shown that magnons can be used to process information at high speed and with low energy losses, compared with the semiconductor elements from which the most common electronic computing devices are built.

Today, the technical implementation of artificial intelligence devices becomes extremely relevant. A number of experiments carried out by scientists from different countries demonstrate the high potential of using the properties of magnons to create future information processing devices, which promises to make them more compact, reliable and efficient.

However, the development of magnon computers - computing devices based on artificial intelligence principles - requires the development of an effective methodology for their design, an appropriate component base, mathematical models, and software.

"Magnonics has become actively developed in the last decade. Thanks to efforts of scientists from all over the world, many important results have been achieved in this direction. This review article has been prepared to comprehend the results and to formulate the current challenges to be addressed in the near future. The team of authors includes 116 researchers from different countries, including three specialists in magnonics from our university," says Alexey Ustinov, professor of the Department of Physical Electronics and Technology at LETI, who heads the Magnonics and Radio Photonics Laboratory.

Recall that the foundations of spin-wave electronics (and magnonics can be considered a new round of development of this research area) were laid back in the 1970s. Among the founders of this direction in the USSR were scientists from St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University "LETI". They were Orest Henrikhovich Vendik (1932-2022) and Boris Antonovich Kalinikos (1945-2020). The latter was awarded the State Prize of the USSR in 1988 "for the development of scientific foundations of spin-wave electronics".

One of the most important results of the LETI scientists outlined in the new review is devoted to the development of reservoir computers based on magnonics principles (Section VII.D: Magnonic Neuromorphic Computing). The scientists plan to create a miniature computing device, which is a kind of artificial neural network. However, unlike traditional neural networks, this computer will use a special magnetic physical "reservoir" of magnetic material to process information.

A prototype of the reservoir computer has already been created with the participation of LETI scientists. It is relatively simple to build, because it consists of a single physical reservoir. In comparison, a technical implementation of an artificial neural network requires a large number of artificial neurons. Research is currently underway to study data input, output and processing, as well as the effectiveness of optimization and pattern recognition tasks. One of the forthcoming tasks of the roadmap for the development of magnonics in the aspect of creating tank computers, the LETI researchers call the further search for magnetic compounds with the most efficient properties.


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