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2015-07-24 09:00:33 Robots
Sex dolls powered by artificial intelligence to be on sale by 2017

Adult toys are about to get smarter. Realbotix's project to create intelligent dolls for intimate communication with users is set to help them do just that. The author of the project hopes that one day sex robots will learn how to intelligently satisfy the physical needs of their owners.

Realbotix was invented by inventor Matt McMullen, known for the realistic silicone dolls Real Dolls which have been gaining popularity in the sex industry. More than 5 thousand Real Dolls have been sold since 1996. They are life-size and cost between $5,000 and $10,000.

McMullen is now developing artificial intelligence that could be given to the sex doll. The engineer hopes that tying the dolls to mobile apps will help turn them into virtual assistants.
The Real Dolls could also be communicated with using a virtual reality helmet and special software would give them a customisable personality.

We're hoping to create something that can provide not just physical, but also emotional and intellectual stimulation," McMullen said.

In a video published by the New York Times, one of the dolls, called Harmony, describes itself as "a prototype for a new, exciting form of adult communication".

McMullen doesn't want people to see his robots as an alternative to live humans. No matter how advanced they may be, they will still be dolls, the researcher believes.

The Realbotix smart sex doll will reportedly be compatible with any of the existing Real Doll bodies to choose from and will be offered for around $10,000. It should be on sale by 2017.

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