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The Past
2023-08-16 10:31:33

25,000-year-old jewelry made from the bones of a giant sloth has been found in Brazil

В Бразилии нашли украшения возрастом 25 тысяч лет из костей гигантского ленивца

Now we will have to reconsider the theory of the appearance of the first humans in South America.

Archaeologists have found artifacts from the bones of an extinct giant sloth (Glossotherium phoenesis) in a cave in Santa Elina, Brazil. Dating revealed them to be between 25,000 and 27,000 years old. The study about this is published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

The discovered objects have clear signs of machining, including holes. In addition, the surface of some of them is thoroughly polished. The cave also contained stone tools.

To be sure of the man-made origin of artifacts, scientists conducted a comparative analysis of the traces. After all, the carcass of a dead animal could have been eaten by rodents. Various methods of microscopic and macroscopic visualization showed that the tiny holes could not be formed naturally.

Thus, archaeologists concluded that the remains of the sloth were transformed by someone's skillful hand and used as jewelry.

Now scientists are questioning the theory of the settlement of South America. Until now, it was believed that the first people arrived on this continent a maximum of 10-12 thousand ribbons ago. However, this may be fundamentally wrong, because the pendants from the Brazilian cave are twice as old.


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ПРОШЛОЕ - это множество всех хронологически предшествующих данному моменту событий.
Археология - историческая дисциплина, изучающая прошлое человечества по вещественным источникам. Археологию можно считать как социальной наукой, так и отраслью гуманитарных наук.
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