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Ufology (UFO)
2023-09-14 13:00:19

Mexicos Congress has shown alien fossils

В Конгрессе Мексики показали окаменелости инопланетян

Very strange news flew around many world media on Wednesday, September 13 - a certain ufologist, who for many years led the research of extraterrestrial phenomena, during a speech before the Congress of Mexico showed two corpses of humanoid creatures over 1000 years old. The situation seems so fantastic that no sensation was created. Have we seen all sorts of "alien corpses" and footage of their autopsy, which on the turn always turned out to be a hoax! It is quite possible that the Mexican "alien mummies" are the creation of another joker. What is surprising, however, is that they were shown in a meeting with Congress. Moreover, according to the statement made, the mummies have already been studied by scientists and their authenticity is not in doubt.

In Mexico, aliens have been shown

As reported by ufologist and journalist Jaime Mossana, the bodies of humanoid creatures were found in a mine in the Peruvian city of Cusco among a diatom deposit. Recall that diatomite is a loose or cemented siliceous sediment. This sedimentary rock is more than 50% composed of shells of diatoms (diatom algae). Among the diatomite, researchers say the bodies of humanoid creatures are fossilized, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Scientists of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) were engaged in the study of humanoids. Carbon analysis showed that the age of the mummies exceeds 1000 years. They look exactly as they should look aliens in our view (which is very disconcerting). In the photo you can notice rather long three-fingered hands and characteristic elongated skulls.

Jaime Mossan reported under oath that the genetic makeup of these beings is 30% different from humans. From this we can conclude that a genetic analysis has been carried out, but it has not been officially presented anywhere. Some features of these creatures are more characteristic of birds. for example, they have no teeth, as well as they have strong and light bones and stereoscopic vision.

During the presentation, the ufologist also provided X-rays of the humanoids. The contents of the mummies turned out to be even more unexpected - one of them had implants of rare metals - cadmium and osmium. Inside the second creature were eggs with embryos.

Who really belong to the bodies of humanoids from Peru

According to the ufologist, these bodies were not found after a UFO crash, as in the case of mythical humanoids after the Roswell crash. However, they are not part of Earth's evolution. He also added that it is not yet known if they were aliens. But, he believes they were intelligent and lived among humans.

"We are not alone in this vast universe, we have to accept this reality" says Jaime Mossan.

The director of Harvard's astronomy department also spoke during the event via video link. He called on the Mexican government to grant access to international institutions to study the samples. Obviously, the mummies will soon be studied in more detail and the mystery will be solved, whatever it may be.

Other witnesses to the existence of UFOs, such as Ryan Graves, retired director of the U.S. Navy and former Navy pilot, were present during the ufologists' testimony before Congress. He has previously testified about UFO sightings and even stated the threat they pose.

So far, this all looks like, indeed, the discovery of the century. Even if the corpses do not belong to extraterrestrials, but they are real - this, you must agree, is still a sensation. However, skepticism in this situation adds one nuance - earlier Jaime Mossan has already shown "alien mummies" found also in Peru. However, later it turned out that they belonged to ordinary Earth babies. After such an embarrassment, the statements and evidence of ufologist, until they are thoroughly tested by scientists, do not inspire confidence.



Encyclopaedic reference
УФОЛОГИЯ - (англ. ufology, сокр. UFO - Unidentified Flying Object, неопознанный летающий объект) - это область знаний, занимающаяся сбором, систематизацией и анализом материалов о неопознанных летающих объектах. Важная проблема уфологии - определение степени достоверности, объективности подобных сообщений.
УФОЛОГ - специалист по уфологии.
НЛО - это буквенное сокращение: неопознанный летающий объект. Предмет, наблюдаемый как движущийся в воздухе объект, чаще круглой или эллипсоидальной формы, которому приписывается внеземное происхождение (наблюдаемый объект иногда называют "летающая тарелка").
ИНОПЛАНЕТЯНЕ - это представители разумной внеземной цивилизации в человеческой культуре. Понятие «инопланетянин» может заменяться также словами «пришелец», «марсианин».


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