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Ufology (UFO)
2023-11-14 14:23:56

Solving the Top UFO Mystery: Pentagon implements a simple plan

Раскрытие Главной Тайны НЛО: Пентагон реализует простой план

There is a key point in the history of Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) research - the night of July 2 to 3, 1947, when farmer William Brazel of New Mexico witnessed a strange event that changed the course of scientific research and gave a new impetus to interest in anomalous phenomena. The discovery of UFO debris on his farm was the beginning of the era of ufologists - specialists engaged in the study of flying saucers.

An unwitting participant in this story was Sean Kirkpatrick, director of the Pentagon Office for the study of anomalous phenomena. A physicist by training, he stands out among high-ranking officials for his belief in the existence of extraterrestrials. In an interview with Politico, he shared his beliefs, claiming the presence of an "alien mothership" and asserting that aliens are not a topic for conspiracy theorists.

According to U.S. Air Force pilots, they have had multiple encounters with UFOs. For the Pentagon, this is either an alien threat or a manifestation of technologically more advanced aircraft of a potential adversary. The second option is highly unacceptable for a national security strategy.

Sean Kirkpatrick expresses a logic shared by many researchers, "The best thing that can come out of this work is to prove that there are aliens, right? Because if we don't prove there are aliens, then that means we've uncovered evidence that other people are doing things in our backyards. And that's not good," Kirkpatrick believes.

Thus, the UFO issue becomes not only a subject of scientific inquiry, but also a key element of national security. Kirkpatrick's ideal logic turns out to be simple and clear: if aliens exist, it is a fact that requires proof. Otherwise, discovering the technology of potential adversaries becomes a national security priority.

Thus, solving America's major UFO mystery represents not only a scientific but also a strategically important event that requires serious attention and further research.

It's perfect logic. There are aliens. And if there aren't, we'll invent them for the benefit of the American military. That's the whole mystery.


Encyclopaedic reference
УФОЛОГИЯ - (англ. ufology, сокр. UFO - Unidentified Flying Object, неопознанный летающий объект) - это область знаний, занимающаяся сбором, систематизацией и анализом материалов о неопознанных летающих объектах. Важная проблема уфологии - определение степени достоверности, объективности подобных сообщений.
УФОЛОГ - специалист по уфологии.
ИНОПЛАНЕТЯНЕ - это представители разумной внеземной цивилизации в человеческой культуре. Понятие «инопланетянин» может заменяться также словами «пришелец», «марсианин».
Пентагон - штаб-квартира Министерства обороны США в здании, имеющем форму правильного пятиугольника.


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