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2022-12-20 09:44:21

Rope-like object found on Mars

На Марсе найден объект, похожий на веревку

At the moment, Mars is the most studied planet by humans - there are several research vehicles working on it at once. Many of them are equipped with cameras, and the rover Perseverance is no exception. Recently in the field of view of one of its optics was an object that looks like a fishing line. This has become a cause for jokes - for example, the authors of the publication Science Alert noted that in a place where fishing once existed, clearly also flowed liquid water. Some people may well have speculated that the object found was the withered root of a Martian plant, which would have been a big scoop, since we haven't yet found alien vegetation. But all this is just speculation, and one of them is the most plausible.

Recently in the frame of one of the photos from the rover Perseverance came across something that strongly resembles a piece of string. The object was lying just under the body of the vehicle. In the main image of the article it looks large, but in the picture below you can see that it is very small - larger than him, even lying next to the stones. According to experts, it is definitely not an ancient artifact of Martian fishermen and not the root of an extraterrestrial plant. Most likely, this rope is part of the parachute, which was used for the soft landing of the rover in 2021. It probably ended up under the vehicle due to wind blows, because it is no longer visible in the new images - it rolled somewhere to the side.


Encyclopaedic reference
Космос - относительно пустые участки Вселенной, которые лежат вне границ атмосфер небесных тел.
Марс - четвёртая по удалённости от Солнца и седьмая по размеру планета Солнечной системы; масса планеты составляет 10,7 % массы Земли. Названа в честь Марса — древнеримского бога войны, соответствующего древнегреческому Аресу. Марс называют «красной планетой» из-за красноватого оттенка поверхности, придаваемого ей минералом маггемитом — γ-оксидом железа.


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