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Ufology (UFO)
2022-10-25 09:25:56

Mysterious objects found in Antarctica in the form of tic-tac-toe candy

В Антарктиде найдены загадочные объекты в виде конфет «Тик-так»

Renowned virtual archaeologist and ufo-blogger Scott Waring has discovered two UFOs in Antarctica in satellite images. These are so-called UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena), which look like Tic Tac candy. NASA has admitted it has encountered such objects before and has been tracking them for at least five years. Scott Waring has been searching for UFOs using Google Earth. He looks for various anomalies on satellite maps. This time an amateur ufologist found strange objects off the coast of Antarctica. In their appearance they resemble red tic-tac-toe candies. They were first called this term by US aircraft pilots, who repeatedly observed similar UFOs in the sky.

Tic-tacs first came to light in 2017 after a video was published online. In 2018, the Pentagon confirmed the authenticity of the footage and said the flying saucers had been detected by US fighter jets' radars.

According to Waring, he first spotted the alien Tic-Tacs off the coast of California in front of San Clemete Island. And now a new find - two red-coloured UFOs were found by him in a deserted area of Antarctica, far from any civilisation. He estimates the "candy" to be up to 10 metres long and about 4 metres wide. The blogger points out that such craft can accommodate several human-sized pilots, and it is possible that the aliens have their own base in Antarctica.

As "KP" writes, new evidence for the existence of UFOs has appeared just three months after the sensational announcement of the U.S. authorities to study the phenomenon. This became known last summer at a hearing of the US Congress, where representatives of NASA and the Pentagon announced they were dealing with the problem. In October, NASA begins its own investigation into the appearance of UFOs. The space agency plans to involve leading scientists and its "best" personnel, including astronaut Scott Kelly, who has repeatedly claimed to have encountered UFOs in Earth orbit. NASA will announce its findings in a year's time, according to the principles of openness, transparency and scientific integration, the Daily Mail reports. Recall that the Pentagon has set up a special service to monitor UFOs and find out their nature. Representatives of this agency analyze reports of military pilots, intelligence officials about encounters with flying saucers.

Earlier, former Roscosmos head Dmitry Rogozin said that Russian scientists are studying the facts of unidentified flying objects in the sky. According to him, most of such facts relate to atmospheric or physical phenomena, but there is a small possibility of other versions of their appearance. Recently, the crew of an aircraft flying from Perm to Moscow noticed an unidentified flying object over the Vnukovo airport as it was landing.  Approaching the runway, the systems of the Boeing B-737 warned the pilots of an unidentified target that had crossed the aircraft's course.


Encyclopaedic reference
NASA -  ведомство, относящееся к федеральному правительству США и подчиняющееся непосредственно вице-президенту США
УФОЛОГИЯ - (англ. ufology, сокр. UFO - Unidentified Flying Object, неопознанный летающий объект) - это область знаний, занимающаяся сбором, систематизацией и анализом материалов о неопознанных летающих объектах. Важная проблема уфологии - определение степени достоверности, объективности подобных сообщений.
УФОЛОГ - специалист по уфологии.
НЛО - это буквенное сокращение: неопознанный летающий объект. Предмет, наблюдаемый как движущийся в воздухе объект, чаще круглой или эллипсоидальной формы, которому приписывается внеземное происхождение (наблюдаемый объект иногда называют "летающая тарелка").
Антарктида - континент, расположенный на самом юге Земли. Центр Антарктиды примерно совпадает с Южным географическим полюсом. Омывается Атлантическим, Индийским и Тихим океанами. С 2000 года воды, омывающие Антарктиду к югу от 60° ю. ш., по решению Международной гидрографической организации предложено называть Южным океаном


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