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2022-12-16 09:25:16

China wants to send monkeys into space for experiments

Китай хочет отправить обезьян в космос для проведения экспериментов

China recently completed construction of the Tiangong space station. Now it is the only country in the world that has its own space experiment site. The Tianhe base module was launched in 2021 - it is the control center of the station and is equipped with everything necessary for docking cargo and manned spacecraft. In the summer of 2022, the Wentian laboratory was attached to the main module, and in late October, the third module, Mentian, which is also designed for experiments, docked. Inside these modules, crew members will conduct scientific work involving both plants and animals. And it's not just about tiny fish and snails - in the future, monkeys will go there. With their help, scientists want to find out whether people who have been in space will be able to give birth to healthy children. Sounds cool, but some experts believe that during the experiments, there may be problems.

There could be problems during monkey experiments. Mostly, scientists fear that the primates will be "uncooperative." Laboratory monkeys are raised in cages and are used to cramped conditions, but this does not rule out the possibility of them being frightened during takeoff. In addition, being in the cramped space of a laboratory module for a long time can cause them stress - they may start pulling their hair out or stop eating food. On Earth, they can be reassured by toys or by letting them go to their relatives, but in space, everything is unpredictable - no one knows how the monkeys will react to what is happening.

But conducting reproductive experiments is very important, because in the future people intend to fly to the Moon, Mars and other space objects. Scientists are most interested in whether astronauts will be able to give birth to healthy children, a question that has plagued them for decades. In order not to put people in danger, we must first observe the animals. Since humans have a lot in common with monkeys, they are the best candidates.


Encyclopaedic reference
Космос - относительно пустые участки Вселенной, которые лежат вне границ атмосфер небесных тел.
Китай - официальное название — Кита́йская Наро́дная Респу́блика (КНР) — государство в Восточной Азии. 


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